...  So real it's surreal.

Explore other worlds, real and imagined.

Holodome™ is a new immersive reality space that transports you to incredible places, surrounding you completely and creating phenomenal memories with friends by your side.

Do the Holodome—it's unlike any extended reality experience you've ever had.

Holodome Content

Death Planet Rescue
Produced by WEVR and Vulcan Productions
Step into this sinister sci-fi thriller for a dangerous but critical rescue mission on a deadly planet.

Songs of Infinity:
Journey into a Black Hole
Produced by Kaleidoscope, JuVee Productions and Vulcan Productions
Fly through the farthest edges of the cosmos, getting sucked into a black hole and witnessing the power of two black holes colliding.

Dome of the Dead:
Escape the Bayou
Produced by Vulcan Technologies, Endeavor One, and Dark Arts Software
Survive the onslaught of voracious alien-zombie hybrids in this 4-person cooperative shooter.

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Where can I experience the Holodome?

The only place you can currently experience Holodome is at Mississauga's GYGO in Ontario, Canada.

Sign up, and we'll notify you when more locations open at a venue near you.

99 Rathburn Rd W
Mississauga, ON  L5B 4C1
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What is the Holodome?
Holodome™ is a 360 degree shared immersive reality experience that transports visitors to other worlds, real and fictional. You will be surrounded by immersive audio and video that makes you feel part of the experience.
Is it VR?
It is not virtual reality, which requires goggles and headphones. It is a "Shared Immersive Reality" experience that uses projection, surround sound, and haptics to make your group feel immersed in a new environment.
Will I get sick?
The lack of a head mounted display makes users feel comfortable. Relax and enjoy the experience. If you feel nauseous or sick, do feel free to sit down on the floor or holler to the visitor services representative to pause the experience.
Who developed the Holodome?
The Holodome was originally developed by Vulcan Inc., which is a Paul G. Allen company. Later acquired by Kilburn Live LLC.
Does the Holodome require head-mounted displays?
No head-mounted displays are needed to use the Holodome. The Holodome is an immersive experience that provides presence and transport without HMDs.
How many people can use the Holodome at one time?
Up to 6 people at a time can experience the Holodome.
Is there more content coming?
Sign up for updates, and we will notify when there is new content.
When will Holodome come to other locations?
We are actively working with venues to explore locations. Sign up for updates (we assure that email will not be used for any other promotional activity) and we'll notify you of upcoming locations.
Is Holodome ADA compatible?
Yes, Holodome is ADA compatible.

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